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Leading brands have already joined our Retail Media CRMAds solution

What is CRMAds?

It is a technology solution that allows, via verified WhatsApp flow, that customers of our Issuing partners choose benefits provided by offer partners to take advantage of the most opportune moment in your journey with the brand, maximizing value for both parties.

Advantages for publishers

  • Take advantage of hearing in the best possible way
  • Provide a experience of excellence To customers
  • Offer a portfolio of qualifying offers of the best and largest Brazilian retailers

Advantages for advertisers

  • Be present at largest ecosystem of Retail Media of the market
  • Act as a direct communication channel with a Ultra-qualified base From customers
  • Advertise your brand to audiences of Great bases Like Azul and Outback

Active consulting services

BI reports with results and indicators; Proactive consulting with a team of specialists; operational training for management and store teams to use the tool and support via chat.

Types of communication

Publishers (issuer partners) may limit or direct communication flows according to criteria predetermined by themselves and that vary from case to case.

About redeeming the offer

It is possible to direct the user to stores, restaurants, e-commerce or delivery services; the term of use of the redemption may be determined by the partner brand of offers in question.

Stories CRMBonus

Check out what our customers have to say about our solutions

Loja CL Joias, cliente CRM&BONUS

” CRMbonus brought us the necessary technology and technical support to transform our results into digital, clients love the campaigns we create and sellers achieve their goals more easily. It's a successful partnership!”

Gabriel Laranjeira - CL Joias

Loja Adidas, cliente CRM&BONUS

“The CRMbonus specialists help us understand the results brought by the CRMbonus solutions and create the campaigns with the highest conversion potential. There are more than 30 stores using it. I recommend it!”

Mauro Nomura - CEO Nomura/Adidas Group

Loja HOPE, cliente CRM&BONUS

” Through CRMbonus solutions, we understand the customer journey and help provide the best service and products for them. Our main challenge is loyalty and today we have a complete solution to offer to our network with
more than 270 stores”

Sandra Chayo - Hope Group